Sometimes your home will need to have the wood siding taken down and new wood siding installed.  This can be for many reasons such as:

  • poor water drainage;
  • insect infestation;
  • woodpeckers making holes
  • home being 20+ years;
  • rotten wood siding

In this video, I walk through a recent project we did.  I compare the old boards and new boards:

I show two brand new pieces of beveled siding.  They lay on top of each other with about an inch or one inch and a quarter reveal.  The new cedar siding boards will lie flat.  Now see in the video how I compare a brand new board and the old board.  As you can see, the old board really cups up and does not lie flat.  What has happened is as the boards age, they dry up and cup up.  This then allows:

  1. bugs to get up in between the boards;
  2. water to get into between the boards;
  3. animals to get in there;
  4. not keeping your home well insulated either;

This will cause major rotting to occur over time.  When fixed, this will solve these problems and give your home a much better look.

So how do we prepare the new cedar boards being installed so you get the most longevity?  We back-prime the new boards.  Install the new boards, and then stain up the whole home.  This makes it hold up and gives the project more durability.

Contributor: Mark Lotz

Mark Lotz is the owner of Lotz Home & Office, a Naperville Remodeling Contractor, Naperville bathroom remodeling company, Naperville Kitchen remodeling company, and Naperville Painting Company for the past 27 years. You can find Mark at his Google+Twitter, or Facebook page.

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