Installation of Wood Siding – Final Stages – Naperville Plainfield IL Area

Final stage of installation of wood siding is showcased below in the pictures.

Lotz Painting Company, and Naperville-based general contractor and painting company and its team members cut and prepared the wood siding boards for installation on the home.

The home is now protected for many years to come.

Photography by Joe Lotz, owner of Lotz Media (815-260-6776), a local media company offering small businesses in the area photography and videography.

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One of the Lotz Painting Company team members preparing and cutting a cedar siding board in anticipation of it being installed on the home.

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The final stage of the project. Old boards came down, measured and prepared for cutting. The Lotz Painting Company team cut the boards to the correct size and then finally, installed up on the home for years of protection.

Wood Siding Replacement – Rotten or Warped Siding Boards – Naperville Contractor 24 Years

Lotz Painting Company, a general contractor from Naperville, IL and painting contractor from Naperville, IL has been serving the Chicagoland area for 24 years.

Lotz Painting Company is a turn-key operation.

What does that mean?

From start to finish, Lotz Painting Company can handle any project needed at your home.

This project, for instance, the home needed some serious siding replacement of rotten or warped older boards.

Lotz Painting Company was able to take down the rotten siding boards and replace it with new cedar siding.

From start to finish, Lotz Painting Company was able to…

  • Power wash the home
  • Take down the bad siding
  • Replace with new siding
  • Caulk, prime and paint the full exterior of the home.

You as a homeowner do not have to deal and work with multiple contractors to have your project completed.

With Lotz Painting Company, we handle all the projects from start to finish for you.

See pictures tomorrow of the final steps of this project.

Pictures and photography courtesy of Joe Lotz of Lotz Media (815-260-6776), a local media company offering small businesses in the area photography and videography.

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Here is an old, rotten or warped siding board that was taken down off of a home in Naperville, IL. Lotz Painting Company, a general contractor from Naperville, Plainfield, IL area, is a 'one stop shop" - we can take care of all of your exterior home needs.

wood siding replacement, rotten wood siding, naperville general contractor

General contractor from Naperville, Plainfield, IL and Chicagoland for 24 years - measuring up a new wood siding board to be replaced on this home from Naperville, IL.

Rotten Wood and Wood Siding Replacement

Lotz Painting Company of Naperville, IL specializes in rotten wood replacement of wood siding or wood trim around windows.

We can coordinate this along side of the exterior staining of your home.

For this project, we…

  • Powerwashed the home first
  • Pulled off the wood siding boards that needed replacement
  • Installed the new boards
  • Stained the whole exterior.

The home looked amazing afterwards.


Carpenter for Lotz Painting Company pulls off some wood trim that needed to be replaced. Afterwards, new wood trim was installed and ready to be stained. We specialize in carpentry work as well.



Picture shows a small section of a home in Naperville that needed the wood siding replaced due to bad boards or rotten sections. After removal, carpenter for Lotz Painting Company is installing new wood siding.