Choosing exterior house colors can seem a little tricky, especially when the people in the trades use terms like body color or trim color. But once you know that, how do you know what color you should pick first? 


Choosing Exterior House Colors

Picking the colors for your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to assess how you want it all to look when it’s entirely finished. Do you want your home to make a bold or subtle statement? What are the colors of your windows and landscaping? If you have brick on your house, what is the color of the brick? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself when you are trying to decide on the colors for your home.

Exterior Parts of the House to Paint

The first color you will need to decide on is the body color. The body of the house is the house’s siding. This color is very important because it is what will set the theme for the rest of the house. 

The second color you will have to choose is the trim color. The trim of the house is the corner boards, eaves, fascia, soffits, and the peaks on the front of the house. Pretty much anything that outlines the house in some way is the trim on the house. 

The last color you will be picking out is the accent colors. Accents colors are usually used on the front door and shutters. 

Coordinating Exterior Colors for Your Home

choosing exterior house color  There are typically 3 to 4 colors on the exterior of your home. The amount of colors really depends on the style of your home and what you like. No matter how many colors you choose, you have to make sure that they complement the colors that you aren’t planning on changing any time soon, such as your landscaping, roof color, brick color, or windows. 

Lotz of Logic

The color you choose really gets back to the colors around your home and your personal tastes. If you don’t feel confident in picking colors out for yourself, you can always find a color consultant at your local paint store who can tell you what is trending and what will look best on your home. Hopefully, this helps you in choosing exterior house colors for your home

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