If you’re reading this, then you want to know how to recycle your old kitchen when renovating | Western Springs IL (all Chicago cities too!). Donating products or reselling them is a great idea. By giving away or reselling something, you can improve another person’s life, besides decreasing waste by donating your home products.  Check out my Tweet below on this topic.  

how to recycle your old kitchen when renovating | Western Springs IL

How to Recycle Your Old Kitchen When Renovating | Western Springs IL

When it comes to all your home’s fixtures, donating these things is just one of the very best ways to make an influence on individuals who are in need. By donating these products, you can make the home you desire while also aiding the less privileged.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a shop that is in several cities in the Chicagoland area, as well as is a fantastic place to give away new and gently-used items. They will take countertops, used appliances, sinks, as well as all other fixtures that still have worth. Individuals can acquire gently-used restroom or kitchen fixtures, that you donated, at a fraction of the expense. At the ReStore, they also assist in constructing residences for those in need. Donations like these can also help you when submitting your taxes.

There are also several online ways to sell your gently used items. OfferUp is a fantastic app to make use of if you intend to market your things within a small radius of your home. As soon as you share your information with the application, it advertises the products in a five to 10-mile range, which makes it very easy to market to the area. Craig’s List, ebay.com, and Facebook’s Market are other great sites to make use of. Particularly for those items that are harder for you to sell.

If you aren’t able to find a place to donate or sell, never underestimate your family, friends, and other people in your neighborhood. Think about the single mommy, the parent that lost their job, or the community a couple of miles down the road that needs help from people like you.

Ways to Decrease Waste During a House Remodel

You will undoubtedly find that things that might appear worn-out can quickly be repurposed. This is an excellent time to find the materials that still have value in your house. You can conveniently make some cash off it. And the extra money can be used to help cover the price of your renovation.

In the DIY community, repurposing furniture is a popular thing to do. If you assume that your furniture has any type of worth to it, you can try to promote it as a repurposing possibility. 

Ways for Other People to Get Use from Your Old Fixtures

When it involves heavy furniture or a large quantity of metal, many people don’t have any idea what to do with it. What they may not understand is that there are many individuals out there that are seeking scrap metal because many people are looking for ways to make some cash off of metal.

The most effective way to get rid of any troublesome piece of steel or household item is to place it near the street. It is a tried and true method. Since when you put it outdoors, lots of people will undoubtedly be interested in bringing it to their residences. Or they might sell the steel and make some money on the side, considering that scrappers are always on the lookout for any kind of valuable metal that they can sell. 

Lotz of Logic

When it comes to how to recycle your old kitchen when renovating your home in Western Springs IL, there are plenty of places and ideas listed above that can aid you. We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible while you are doing your home improvement project. Because it is important for us that you do. And also, we hope that you get some handy ideas from us today regarding what to do with your old materials.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on renovating your kitchen, give me a call.   My team and I have been serving the Hinsdale, Oak Brook, La Grange, Darien, Western Springs, Burr Ridge, Hawthorn Woods, Lake Bluff, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.


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