Lotz Painting Company – Gives Back

Rebuilding Together

Lotz Painting Company, along with members of Naperville Chamber’s Home Team, has participated in the past in a project in Aurora to help out families in need.

The project was organized by Rebuilding Together and Naperville’s Mayor Pradel came out too.

Check out the video of the story and try to spot Mark Lotz, owner of Lotz Painting Company of Naperville, IL in the video too.

Got Lotz of Grime? Lotz Painting Company Can Help

Grime and muck were all over the siding of this home in the Wheaton, IL area.

Check out the photos below.

The first one is one from a distance where you cannot notice the dirt all too well.

I wanted you to see this, because the ‘after picture’ you will notice the major color change on this home.

What a difference it made – such curb appeal in the ‘after’ shot.


Here is the shot with all the grime showing up. This reflected more on the sides and back where it had more shade.


Finally, check out this home after Lotz Painting Company of Naperville, IL powerwashed the home and then did a major color change to the siding, shutters, and front door. It looks beautiful.



Let the painting contractor crew of Lotz Painting Company of Naperville, IL help you spruce up your home and protect it from the elements. Lotz Painting Company has been painting and staining in the Chicagoland area for the past 24 years.

Leave it to the Professionals

Your home is one of the biggest investments you have; do you really want to take that risk by doing the work yourself?

  • Your home value will go up after hiring a professional painting company because the work will be done right and it will look professional.
  • When cutting costs, typically it ends up costing more to get it eventually done right with a professional company.
  • You are a professional in your own line of work – so leave the painting to Lotz Painting Co. that has been the experts in their field for 24 years!
  • You are not getting any younger, so why take the risk of getting hurt doing all the physical labor that might jeopardize your own job – leave it to Lotz Painting Co. that hires painters that are trained craftsmen.

Leave-to-professionals-paintersCall the office of Lotz Painting Company of Naperville and have Mark come out for an estimate.

Our professional painting contractor crew of Naperville will take care of all your needs.

Lotz Painting Company serves all of the western, northern, and southern suburbs, as well as all of the Chicagoland area.