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When it comes to choosing the best materials for your deck | Orland Hills IL, there certainly are several kinds of decking products that are very popular. Now let’s review the expenses, maintenance, benefits, along with the negative aspects of outdoor decking products. Click the green arrow below to play the podcast on choosing the best materials for your deck.




Choosing the Best Materials for Your Deck | Orland Hills IL

Who doesn’t want or enjoy a big gorgeous deck on their house? However, bear in mind that building and preserving a deck is a big endeavor. When you are building a deck, the first thing you need to do is choosing the best material for your deck. You need to pick out the best materials to avoid deck rot.  And also, you ought to think about the appearance, quality, and affordability of the material that you select. There are four types of material that the majority of people use:

Wolmanized (Pressure Treated) lumber

Cedar or Redwood

IPE Decking

Composite Material

2 Primary Deck Boards – Wolmanized and Cedar

Wolmanized or pressure-treated lumber is incredibly popular with many individuals. This sort of lumber is made by having chemically treated water forced into it with pressure to make it rot, decay, and bug resistant. It is provided at most home improvement stores, and it is the most cost-effective, which makes it fantastic for any deck. The maintenance for it depends on where the deck is built. Your deck could be in an area with a great deal of sunlight and other natural elements.  Then it’ll be necessary to make use of a preservative or stain every couple of years. If it’s in an area that gets a lot of tree cover, you will still need to use a stain.

However, you will not have to use it as often. It’s always the right choice to keep up with the maintenance because extremes in the climate can add wear and tear to your deck. And the benefit here is that the timber does not rapidly rot. But the only disadvantage to using pressurized wood is that over time, the wood often tends to warp and also gets knots in it. It’s not the sort of deck you want to walk on without shoes as it ages.

Cedar or Redwood is another excellent option for a deck. Since it is a step up from pressure-treated wood, you need to expect a bump up in pricing. Maintenance for Cedar or Redwood is much easier if you decide not to treat them. Yet both Cedar and Redwood have oils and tannins and take much longer to rot or decay. So it’s recommended that you treat them every 2 to 3 years. And also, when you go to deal with the timber, it is best to use an oil-based transparent stain.

A great deal of maintenance will be required to maintain the natural color as it will undoubtedly discolor with time. If you build your deck low to the ground, you will need to preserve the underside too.  Especially if you have water issues from living in a damp location or if you get great deals of rain and snow as those can get below the boards and cause them to rot. The expense of the wood usually is higher, and the maintenance can be more in order to protect the natural appeal that draws in many people to the Cedar or Redwood.

2 Primary Deck Boards – IPE Decking & Composite Decking

different types of decking materialsUp next is IPE decking. This product is a South American hardwood and also is an excellent piece of timber. Just like with the Cedar, this wood is also the next step up in price. So again, you need to expect to pay even more if you wish to use it for a deck. For upkeep, there is an IPE oil that you can use that will provide the wood with a vibrant mahogany color and also shield it from the elements. With this wood, it is suggested that you treat it every two years or so. That is because this timber is so thick the treatment does not penetrate far.


Your other choice is not to treat it, which will make the wood a gray color that some individuals like. A terrific benefit with this wood is that it is a trustworthy, lasting timber and also is extremely simple to keep. Though a disadvantage is that if you want to keep the timber that dark brownish color, you will have to do more work on it. 

Out of all the timbers, composite decking is the most costly of the decking materials and is nearly maintenance-free. Using a pressure washer on a low-setting with soap and water will be all when it comes to cleaning. Composite decking is a blend of recycled timber and recycled plastic. The outcome is weather and stain-resistant board that won’t splinter or split as it begins to wear. A lot of the places that offer this decking also offer a line of handrails, balusters, fascias, and trim to complete the look of your deck.

The disadvantage of utilizing composite decking is that there can be contorting at times, as well as the fact that this decking will undoubtedly mean a significant financial investment in your house. If your goal is to increase your home’s value, then this is a great option.

Lotz of Logic

We hope that this has been handy to you in the process of choosing the best materials for your deck. It is essential to set your goals, do your research, and then make a decision on what you will need for your Orland Hills IL deck. It is also necessary to make sure that you pick what is best for you while also staying within your budget plan.  And sometimes, you might want to strip your deck all the way down, and if so, check out my video on deck stripping.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on any of your deck projects, give me a call.   My team and I have been serving Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park, New Lenox, Lemont, Orland Hills, Palos Park, St John IN, and all of the suburbs in the Chicago area for 30+ years.  Also, check out my YouTube channel that has over 150+ DIY videos on home improvement topics.



Is Your Deck Rotting? Find Out Why & Solutions to Your Problem

Is your deck rotting?  Most decks eventually have some wood rot.  But if you ignore your deck and don’t maintain it properly, it will start to rot in a big way.  Learn 7 main deck problems and Mark’s solutions in this video below:


Call us today if you need an estimate for your deck to either be power washed, stained or have rotten deck boards replaced. My team and I have been serving the Plainfield, Naperville, Lisle, Shorewood, Joliet, Oswego, Yorkville, and all of Chicago area for 30+ years.

Deck Staining – Hiring a Painting Contractor

Deck Staining

What do you think about when deciding to stain your deck yourself or hire a professional painting contractor?

Everyone is capable of doing the deck maintenance themselves but why take the risk or time away from your job or family.

Lotz Painting Company, a local Naperville painting contractors, has been staining decks and providing deck maintenance for 24 years.

Here is a sample of Lotz Painting Company’s deck staining…


Deck staining can be accomplished without harming your surrounding flowers and other perennials. Here's a sample of a deck and gazebo Lotz Painting Company recently stained.



Deck Staining - close-up photography of a deck and gazebo Lotz Painting Company stained. What a beautiful end product. deck maintenance, deck pressure washing

Gazebo Staining and Deck Staining


Beautiful gazebo that Lotz Painting Company of Naperville, IL just completed staining.

  • Lotz Painting Company started off by applying a deck brightener.
  • Then we powerwashed the deck clean.
  • After drying, the painting contractor team sanded the dead and loose fibers.
  • The final step is applying a semi-transparent stain. Location: Plainfield, IL.


Beautiful gazebo and deck built by Warner’s Decking (630-420-1940) and stained by painting contractor team of Lotz Painting Company of Naperville, IL. Location: Plainfield, IL.