What is the right roller for painting? Learn the secret list of the very best interior paint roller covers to take advantage of whenever undertaking an interior painting job in Palos Park IL, or one of the surrounding areas. Click on the green arrow below to listen to the podcast on interior paint roller covers.


What is the Right Roller for Painting | Interior Painting Contractors in Palos Park IL

what is the right roller for painting  Let us briefly proceed down the selection of what are simply the best interior paint roller covers to use with regards to various projects. NOTE: Mark will provide you with an additional bonus to get the most excellent exterior roller to use as well.

Ceiling & Walls— Use a lamb’s wool roller cover.

Doors & Trim— The best roller to use for this is a lamb’s wool, soft woven cover.

Various Interior Sizes— They range from 4 ″– 24 ″. Go for a size that fits the task you are taking on and what your wrist and hands have the ability to handle freely.

Hard-to-Reach Spots— For all those hard to reach places, use a Whizz roller. This is much the same size as a hotdog and great for behind toilets or appliances. This happens to be equally useful to put to work in cases when you cannot handle the weight of a much bigger roller cover. 


Lotz of Logic

These are by far the best rollers to use for your interior paint projects. I genuinely hope you have found my podcast with regards to what is the right roller for painting helpful!

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