Questions about the Company…

How long has company been in business & will they be around if there is a problem?

LPC is celebrating its 27th Anniversary and plans on being around another 20 years.

Is company insured (workers compensation & liability), as required by Illinois law and provide proof of insurance?

LPC carries all state required insurance. We include a certificate of insurance in the information packet with your estimate.

Does company return phone calls promptly, shows up on time, and easily accessible via phone & email?

LPC returns all calls promptly, guaranteed to be on time every day, and accessible via email.

Questions about Work Performance…

Can I see projects completed by your company and can I speak with past customers?

At the initial estimate, LPC provides each client with photos of past projects, a list of references, and testimonials.

Will you use top quality paint and will you put the type of paint to be used in writing?

LPC uses only the finest paints/stains and states that in every Contract.

Will thorough preparation be done prior to painting and will you put the details of this preparation in writing?

LPC itemizes the preparation in the Contract as well as the number of coats and products to be used.

Will there be any follow‐up after job is completed?

LPC follows up 1 month after the completion and then again at 1 year to guarantee your satisfaction.

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