Why are you wanting to remodel?  Are your bathrooms outdated and moldy and gross?  Or is your Schaumburg kitchen really starting to fall apart?  Some remodeling projects can wait and others almost seem almost a necessity and should get done right away.  We hope you consider Lotz for your home remodeling contractors in Schaumburg IL.


Home Remodeling Contractors in Schaumburg IL

Remodeling can be expensive and it can be ‘reasonably’ affordable.  It shouldn’t break the bank. But I’m being honest with you, it will cost you some coin to get a good quality job, nice looking selections, and get everything installed properly by a qualified contractor.  So give Mark a call so he can go over your ideas, talk about budget and swing over to look at your current home and what Lotz Home & Office can do to get the project rolling. Contact Us

Home Remodeling Contractors Near Me in Schaumburg IL



Schaumburg IL map of the area that Lotz Painting serves.

Two of the main things you should look for when hiring out a contractor for your project are experience and social proof.  Only consider hiring a contractor that has been in business for many years and is knowledgeable when you ask them questions. And you should be able to see online a bunch of testimonials and videos and photos to prove others have been happy with his work.  Mark meets every one of your expectations and exceeds them. Check out the many services we offer:






Upgrade your home. Upgrade your life.™


Home remodeling is a big undertaking.  But it ends up being easy if you hire the right contractor that has the expertise, works within your budget, and provides excellent customer service.  Mark has 30+ years of knowledge and will tell you if your budget is reasonable or if you need a bit more time to save up to do the project.  

Contact Us Today!

Mark would love to talk to you on the phone to go over your concerns, what you are trying to achieve with this project, and how we can be of service to you. Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city too. We are excited to be working with you soon and being your home remodeling contractors in Schaumburg IL.


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